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Getatchew Mekuria, The Ex and Friends - Y’Anbessaw Tezeta

Ethio-jazz legend Getatchew Mekuria, at the age of 76, expressed an urge to make one more recording. With The Ex, who had invited him to Europe in 2004 and toured with him, with the CD ‘Moa Anbessa’ as a result.
This luxurious edition (180 gram vinyl, a 48-page photobook) contains an extra CD, with some historical recordings, including Getatchew and the Instant Composers Pool (ICP), Haile Selassie 1 Theatre Orchestra (1960!) and a live performance with The Ex in Montreal. Plus a 40-page booklet with great photos by many photographers. Matias Corral specially came to Addis to shoot some Getatchew portraits in addition to his already striking black + white live photos. The profits for this disc go to Getatchew as a contribution to his pension.
The Ex: “The result is stunning. Deep, old, classic melodies. Very different from the last one. Instrumental, more sensitive and fragile, deeper. Amazing horn riffs and solos, but also danceable, with up-tempo war-chants. Many things. He called it “Y’Anbessaw Tezeta” (In Memory Of The Lion). Memories of 65 years of playing music! But also always new and forward.”

Line-up: Getatchew Mekuria (tenor saxophone) The Ex: Arnold de Boer (trumpet), Terrie Hessels (guitar), Andy Moor (guitar), Katherina Bornefeld (drums). Friends: Xavier Charles (clarinet), Ken Vandermark (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Brodie West (alto saxophone), Joost Buis (trombone), Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Colin McLean (bass), Melaku Belay (dance).
Tracklist CD:
1. Ambassel (7:35)
2. Tezeta (4:22)
3. Bertukane / Yematebela Wof / Shegitu (5:53)
4. 0Bati (3:45)
5. Ene Eskemot Derese (4:04)
6. Yegna Mushera (4:02)
7. Aha Gedawo (5:00)
8. Almaz Men Eda New (4:21)
9. Abbay Abbay / Yene Ayal (4:25)
10. Zerafewa / Eregedawo (4:12)

Label: Terp Records / AS-21/22LP
Medium: 2LP - Photobook - CD
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