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Automated Noise Ensemble - Turntable Strings

Rob Gawthrop & Bob Levene originally performed this as a live DJ set producing complex, evolving rhythms and phase patterns all with simplicity of sound in which, no records were used, neither were the needles, in fact the only thing on the turntables are short pieces of string stuck onto the decks with masking tape that strike a transducer on their way round. The picture side is the image of these strings stuck onto the vinyl (you can almost feel them!). It has one locked groove (and a silent spiral). The sound is of the string (on the picture) hitting a small piezo transducer. It is theoretically possible to line up what is heard with what is seen (but not necessarily with the stylus). The other side: track 1 is of two decks playing at slightly different speeds, track 2 the same but overlayed hundreds of times and tracks 3 & 4 remixed by Chris Gladwin (aka Derek F & half of Team Doyobi).

Medium: 12" Picture Disc
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