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Monad - This! Is! The! New! European! The! Free! Jazz!

The duo of Tom Boram and John Berndt delve into a mix of jazz instrumentation overlaid or butting up against electronic sounds. It’s nothing like what one might think – this isn’t acid jazz electronica, rather the bleeps and bloops of minimal techno colliding with the skronky textures of free jazz excess. It works where it seems to matter, in backing off enough to let the sounds play off each other, creating a dialogue of human breath and more alien garbled emissions. Boram’s flatulent keyboards and Berndt’s stuttering saxophones slow down to a trickle on tracks like “For Sivatri Devi” and “For St. Telesphorous,” letting the sounds percolate rather than pummel.

Label: Doggpony / DNP007
Artist: Monad
Medium: CD
Category: .


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