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Dmytri Kleiner - The Telekommunist Manifesto

This is the third publication in the Network Notebooks Series (also available as pdf) featuring texts (2004-2008) by Dmytri Kleiner, Joanna Richardson and Brian Wyrick, reworked and edited by Dmytri Kleiner, the man behind the Telekommunisten Collective. Drawing from political economy and concepts related to intellectual property, this manifesto is a key contribution to commons-based, collaborative and shared forms of cultural production and economic distribution. Proposing ‘venture communism’ as a new model for workers’ self-organization, Kleiner modifies Marx and Engels’ concepts (such as class struggle) for a restructuring of social relations in the age of internet. As a peer to peer model, venture communism allocates capital that is critically needed to accomplish what capitalism cannot: the ongoing proliferation of free culture and free networks. Kleiner proposes copyfarleft and proposes a usable model of a Peer Production License.

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