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Neural - #65 – Redirecting Networks

Interviews with Kyriaki Goni, Tiziana Terranova, Roel Roscam Abbing and Dennis De Bel, Surya Mattu, Tim Shaw

Article: Dreaming otherwise: the past and future of community wireless networks

Essay: Paul Prudence – “We Organise Your Music, So You Don’t Have To – Music as a Sonification of its Commercial Value in the Networked Panopticon”

FAEN – Female Artistic Experiments Norway 2019
Mud Muses, A Rant About Technology, exhibition at Moderna Museet
Nam June Paik exhibition at Tate Modern


The V[R]erses, virtual objects of literature
Respire, breathing in sound and vision
CUSP, artificial land art
A Woman with the Technology, unpredictable machine creation
The Visit, realistic simulation of a reality that already exists
The Point of Final Collapse, conceptually sounding the collapse
The Data Stones, geomorphic meditation
Macrogroove, three-dimensional sonograms
Sulco (Medida de Corte), aural passages
Sonic Arms, graceful mechatronic concert
The Hidden Life of an Amazon User, the weight of a purchase
my opsec haul from Sephora, politics within makeup videos
Hold That Task. This Is On., speaking to invisible Amazon workers
Alienated Vision, the clash between machine and natural vision
Void, abstraction of a landscape


Bill Posters and Daniel Howe: Spectre, watching dystopia speaking (about Deep Fake)

plus many many Book/DVD/CD reviews.


Publisher: Neural / neural 65
Author: Neural
Medium: Magazine


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