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Neural - # 64 – Post Growth


Špela Petrič
Tega Brain
Joyce Hinterding
Kat Austen
Melle Smets
Thomas Thwaites


The Sound of Disappearance and The Sonic Sublime


ISEA 2019, Lux Aeterna
18th Media Art Biennale WRO “Human Aspect”
58th Venice Biennale and Liechtenstein Brunch / Art in Dataspace symposium


Dio, a definitive AI sculpture
Artificial Arcadia, integrating and contrasting the ecological tragedy
Blind Landing, aversion AI
BIY ™ , Believe it Yourself, data superstition
Degenerative Cultures, thoughts as food
The face of your voice 3D, from the verbal to the physiognomic
Collapse OS, post-apocalypse software
Groovular Synthesis, machine mediated texts/noises
VOLTA, electricity as a reading medium
Evoboxx, uneasy retro synth
Axis Mvndi, drawing to the Universe
The Phone Hammer, non-reversible stop to obsession
White Collar Crime Risk Zones, predicting middle class criminality
Ground Noise, playing the historical floor
Training Humans, engineering moral judgments into AI


Inspiration, augmented breathing.

plus a great number of book, cd and dvd reviews.

Publisher: Neural / neural 64
Author: Neural
Medium: Magazine


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