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Neural - #72 – Machine Transparency

Interviews with: Vivian Xu, Ani Liu, Stephen Cornford, Timo Toots and Egor Kraft

Reports: xCoAx 2022, Ars Electronica 2022


Sleep Laboratory, confusing intimacy insideout.
Whispering, pneumatic voices.
La Plante, virtual vegetable care.
Illusion of the City – Taipei, dialectical real estate database.
plant_bot, robotic learning feedback.
Entropophone | La qualité de l’air, pollution music partition.
Backlash, blanking protesters’ images.
Unlearning Language, AI training humans.
Canto Rodado, sounding anthropic frictions.
Desert Songs, invisible signals from plants.
The Carousel, slow analogue animation.
The Lights Which Can Be Heard, audible Northern Lights.
As Close As We Get, inclusive modularity.
Kerosine chronicles. Fungus, olfactory relationships among robots.
(Des)Aceleração, relational refraction.

Centrefold: Hardly Working, the life of non-playable characters.


Zane Cerpina, Stahl Stenslie / The Anthropocene Cookbook / The MIT Press
VV.AA. / Tresor: True Stories / Tresor
Hannes Liechti / This Track Contains Politics / Norient Books
Texts collected by Valentina Peri / The New Romance Scammer’s / pIAR
Blackwell, Cocker, Cox, McLean, Magnusson / Live Coding, A User’s Manual / The MIT Press
Annette Gilbert / Literature’s Elsewheres / The MIT Press
edited by Elena Biserna / Walking From Scores / Les presses du réel
ed. by M. Garrett & Y. Colakides / Frankenstein Reanimated / Torque Ed./Furtherfield/NeMe
ed. by Carvalhais, Rangel, Ribas, Verdicchio / The Book of X / i2ADS
edited by Hilkmann, Walskaar / Floppy Disk Fever / Onomatopee
Edited by Nora N. Khan / HOLO 3, Mirror Stage / HOLO
Lindsay Caplan / Arte Programmata / Univ. of Minnesota Press
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum / Bitstreams / Univ. of Pennsylvania Press
Nancy Holt / Sound As Sculpture — Holt/ Smithson Foundation / The Warehouse Dallas
Tung-Hui Hu / Digital Lethargy / The MIT Press

plus a large number of music reviews!



Publisher: Neural / neural 72
Author: Neural
Medium: Magazine


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