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Frans de Waard and Alfred Boland - The Annual – Everything you never knew you were interested in

Brand new magazine, conceived and fabricated by Korm Plastics man Frans de Waard and designer Alfred Boland. They hope to indeed make it an annual one and I think it´s great in its eccentricity and its eclecticity!

The editors invited 18 different authors to contribute an article, which led to a wildly diverse selection, though the 1970s and 1980s seem to be central.

From the history of turntablism, a 1985 interview with Roger and Brian Eno, a report on the Groningen punk scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Truus de Groot about her formative years, Kubus Kasssettes, vinyl hunting in Trinidad, the Perversita festival in 1989, concerts that ended in riots, Willem de Ridder’s Radiola Improvisation Salon, Ultra in Eindhoven, Gary Scott meeting Florian Fricke, Killing Joke/Joy Division, The Slits, an amazing article by Harold Schellinx about the computer pop project ookoi, and a contribution by GW Sok. Illustrations by Miss.Printed, short interludes by Freek Kinkelaar and Frits Jonker, plus a comic strip by Bertin.

Softcover, 198 pages. Includes a download code of the album “Tafelmuziek/Muziektafel” by ookoi from 2004!


Publisher: Korm Plastics / Annual 2023
Medium: Book


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