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Soundings - Issue 74 (Spring 2020): New Municipal Alternatives

Soundings has offered committed, informed and thoughtful writing on a wide range of contemporary political and cultural debates, for more than 20 years.

Re-empowering the local: new municipal alternatives

Municipalism and feminism then and now – Hilary Wainwright talks to Jo Littler

A missing municipalist legacy: the GLC and the changing cultural politics of Southbank Centre – by Kathy Williams

Adapting to the political moment and diverse terrain of ‘Actually Existing Municipalisms’
– by Andrew Cumbers and Franziska Paul

New municipalism as space for solidarity – by Óscar García Agustín

‘Take back control’: English new municipalism and the question of belonging – by Abigail Gilbert

Cities of solidarity
Leoluca Orlando and Tunç Soyer talk to Lorenzo Marsili

Making power emerge: municipalism and the right to the city
Bertie Russell

Kate Potts on poetry
‘I am haunted by this history but I also haunt it back’: two poetry collections
What does it mean to tell the truth in a poem or a work of literature or art?

Building the ‘Boris’ bloc: angry politics in turbulent times – by John Clarke

The New Left and its legacies – by Michael Rustin talks to Sally Davison and Jeremy Gilbert

Publisher: Lawrence & Wishart / ISBN: 9781912064298
Author: Soundings
Medium: Magazine


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