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Soundings - Issue 68 (Spring 2018): Grit, Oil and Grime

‘willing to ask the biggest questions, but always rooted in the here and now: it’s a vital link between the tradition of progressive thought in Britain and the futures which all of us are working for’ –  Jeremy Gilbert


– Editorial: politics and place – David Featherstone
– Interview: Where the fires are – Wendy Brown talks to Jo Littler
– The final chapter for North Sea oil – Adam Ramsay
– Grime Labour – Monique Charles
– Eight years on the frontline of regeneration: ten lessons from the Enfield experiment – Alan Sitkin
– The Russian revolution and black radicalism in the United States – Cathy Bergin
– From dementia tax to a solution for social care – Peter Beresford, Luke Clements and Colin Slasberg
– The causes of inequality: why social epidemiology is not enough – Michael Rustin
– Contemporary African art in Paris: from Magiciens de la Terre to Afriques Capitales – Carol Ann Dixon
– Poems from prison – Kate Potts
– Review: The interior world of the cult – Roshi Naidoo
– The concept of inclusive economic growth – Sylvia Walby

Publisher: Lawrence & Wishart / Issue 68
Author: Soundings
Medium: Magazine


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