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Sound American - Issue 27: The Life Issue

Sound American is a music journal both in print and online, that trumpeter/composer/writer Nate Wooley began publishing in 2012. Every issue has its own focus qua topics and people involved.

The Life Issue is a reflection upon the smallness—and largeness—of living amidst a tumultuous, globally-shared moment. Contributors include Mazen Kerbaj, Pat Thomas, Cory Smythe, Katie Porter, Lea Bertucci with Audrey Chen, claire rousay, Jack Langdon, Nate Wooley, Dr. Douglas Rust, Chris Pitsiokos, Ka Baird, and a roundtable discussion with members of the Catalytic Sound Cooperative led by Brock Stuessi.


Diary from Corona times by Mazen Kerbaj

Ahmed Abdul Malik and his Music Legacy by Pat Thomas

Henri Pousseur’s Prospection by Cory Smythe

It’s not a loop, it’s a spiral by Katie Porter

Lea Bertucci interviews Audrey Chen

What I did on my Pandemic Vacation by Susan Alcorn

The Little Things by Claire Rousay

Slow Returns (Three Lives in Sound) by Jack Langdon

Chariots of Fire and the Fallacy of the Guilty Pleasure by Nate Wooley

Elliott Carter Piano Sonata: A view from the 21st Century by Dr. Doublas Rust

Exquisite Corpse by Ka Baird

and more.


Publisher: Sound American / 27: Life
Medium: Magazine


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