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Aki Kaurismaki - Skuggor in Paradiset (Shadows in Paradise)

Skuggor in Paradiset (Shadows in Paradise) is one of Kaurismaki’s early films, Shadows in Paradise centres on the burgeoning love affair between a bin man, Nikander, and a supermarket checkout girl, Ilona. The romantic leads are played by Matti Pellonpaa and Kati Outinen, Kaurismaki’s favorite actors whom he has used consistently since, and they are both excellent. The film displays many of the qualities and themes that Kaurismaki has developed throughout his career – a love affair characterised both by tenderness and a shy awkwardness and formality; characters in poverty or otherwise on the edges of society, minimalistic and stylised dialogue and an unmistakable visual aesthetic.’ (review by Bob Welsh)

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