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John Cage - Silence – Lectures and Writings

Of all John Cage’s books, it is perhaps the first, “Silence, Lectures and Writings”, which has had the broadest impact. Even now, artists of all sorts continue to respond to its Zen principles, its chance procedures, and its revolutionary ideas about sound, silence, form, and time. The Saturday Review said of him: “Cage possesses one of the rarest qualities of the true creator- that of an original mind- and whether that originality pleases, irritates, amuses or outrages is irrelevant.” “He refuses to sermonize or pontificate. What John Cage offers is more refreshing, more spirited, much more fun-a kind of carefree skinny-dipping in the infinite. It’s what’s happening now.”

Paperback, 288 pages.

Publisher: Marion Boyars / 978-0714510439
Author: John Cage
Medium: Book


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