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Roope Eronen - The Inflatable World

Roope Eronen (known from Finnish space rock band Avarus, and also known as Nuslux) was commissioned especially by Spencer Clark (known from The Skaters and his “Pacific City Sound Visions” label/radio show) to craft short pop song versions of previously extended space-synth improvisations. Get your inflatable bed and pink bubblegum out and float away on these joyful and eccentric tunes!

The voices of angels are abound to imply the harmony of an over-sized life on XXXXL Nativity – an example of the Inflatable Worlds ability to be playful in the sights of the grandeur of heaven. “Space Walk Rentals” and “Bassmaster Mania” entertain Roope’s huge focus on the exotic lounge-ness of Interstellar Musics. The largeness of Roope’s vision contends that progress lies in the tranquillity of big thoughts – and enormous essences rather than physical largess. big ideas have no threat of gravity, as they are allowed to float into the ether until they are grabbed down by the hands of humans to reflect what they can of their massive impression of heaven.’’ – Spencer Clark

Artist: Roope Eronen
Medium: LP
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