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Hannah Höch - Picture Book

The garden in An der Wildbahn 33, Berlin Heiligensee must have been a source of youthful joy for the middle aged Hoch at the end of the war. Armed with scissors, glue and words she weaves minute stories of imaginary creatures who inhabit fantasy landscapes. For the first time, through the ingenious translation by Brian Currid Boa Perlina, Schnippeldebonchen (snipplesnapplewings), Schnifti (snifty) and Borstenflirle (brushflurlet) are introduced to the English reader. 19 Full page collages (photomontage) and descriptive rhymes (German included) completed by an essay by Gunda Luyken, tracing the background of this one-of-a-kind adventure book.

Publisher: The Green Box / ISBN 978-3-941644-13-7
Author: Hannah Höch
Medium: Book
Tags: , , .


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