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Spoelstra - Pallets

Nobody in his right mind has ever made a book about pallets. Spoelstra has made a book about pallets. Based on true rumours, this impressive collection of songs, art, cartoons, fashion, cliff hangers, flashbacks and what not provides an in-depth look on pallets, storage and transportation issues and other stuff you may never have wondered about. After plunging through the full 200 pages of this book, it will be very likely that all your questions about pallets will have been answered. Pallets comes with an audiocassette tape with six tracks clocking in around forty minutes of riff driven electro country, melodic absurdism, ambient spasms and the occasional wall of noise. A guitar, a synthesizer, a sampler and a bunch of effects do the trick.

Label: Narrominded / NM054
Artist: Spoelstra
Medium: Book + Tape
Category: .


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