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ORDUC - Shifting Times

Released exactly 40 years after their first LP Pink and Purple! A small miracle, even more because the sound is instantly recognisable as ORDUC or O.R.D.U.C. (One-o-seventh Royal Dutch Underground Company) though it’s all new work I think.

A contemplation by main Motok man Nico Selen:

“Though “Shifting Times” is an album mostly recorded in 2020, it has its roots in music I made before “Pink & Purple” came into existence. Not my sources of inspiration from my early childhood, but the application of that inspiration. Already in the mid-seventies I was making music, which I then called “mathematical minimal”. I was looking for a possibility to make the music that was played sound different for each bar by making a small change. Although I really liked Philip Glass’ music (especially “North Star”), his way of working was not what I had in mind. I did not know anything about Steve Reich at that time and was totally ignorant of the music that is now called “phase music” and is related to what I wanted back then.
Some twenty years ago I accidentally bought the CD “Shift (From the Music of Steve Reich)” by Chris Hughes. That work gave me a boost towards my goal: shifting minimal.”


Label: MOTOK / MTK028
Artist: ORDUC
Medium: LP
Category: .


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