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WEAR - Number Three (2012)

HomeShop was an artist-run space in Beijing from 2008 to 2013 and WEAR was a periodical publication. They called it their most ‘spartan’ issue, but that sure has its charm, too: stapled right through, basic paper, no glossy thing, but hey, it’s full colour and it smells nice.
‘Following the first two issues’ design of a coverless magazine about urban dress, this issue thinks about the fashionable phrase “你有种 nǐ yŏu zhŏng” in a few of the other realms where HomeShop likes to dwell: critical theory, micropolitics and artistic production. “有种 yŏu zhŏng” (literally meaning “to have seed” and metaphorically insinuating that one is ballsy or daring) becomes here more than a launchpad for a series of rolling activities (like seed bombing or urban exploring); it is also the point of potential from which the likes of a film critic, organic market organizers and artist-activists engage in a context-specific dialogue on the global realities at play in China.’

9/10, Vincent BONIN, 小欧 Orianna CACCHIONE, 马艾迪 Michael EDDY, Andrea FRANCKE, 高灵 GAO Ling, Alex GIBBS, 何颖雅 Elaine W. HO, 静远 JING, 洛 歌 Gordon LAURIN, Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA, 麦巅 MAI Dian, An Xiao MINA, Jeremy O’SULLIVAN, 欧阳潇 OUYANG Xiao, 曲一箴 QU Yizhen, Stephanie ROTHENBERG, 植村絵美 Emi UEMURA, 王尘尘 Cici WANG, 王念华 Dan S. WANG, 张献民 ZHANG Xianmin, 子杰 ZI Jie

152 pp., offset 4/4 and 1/1, staple binding, 185 x 250 mm | Simplified Chinese and English | edition of 800

Publisher: Home Shop Beijing / ISSN: 2078-8691
Author: WEAR
Medium: Magazine


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