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Mixomy - Myxomy

Two Berlin-based producers, James Ginzburg and Ziúr.. Ginzburg has worked on bass music, folk, experimental techno (as half of Emptyset) and experimental drone, while Ziúr played in a number of bands before settling into her current explorative electronic mode. The result is a series of relentless, ritualistic dark grimey raves at mid-tempo, with (can you say that?) de-humanized vocals.

“Their surprising stylistic choice is revealed immediately on opening track ‘Sloppy Attempt’, a fractured mood stabilizer that dissociates from Bristolian trip-hop into glossy android pop. Ziúr’s singing voice carries the track into a sonic black hole, mutated into an alien gurgle as she gently coos the prophetic words, “a sloppy attempt won’t cut it, no no.” And as Ginzburg takes the reins on ‘A little opaque’, singing over Ziúr’s twisted neon electronics, it’s clear that both artists have pushed each other outside of their comfort zones, providing the reassurance and comfort necessary to evolve.”

1. Sloppy attempt 03:23
2. A little opaque 04:04
3. In and until 03:59
4. It is it everything 03:25
5. Toxin out 03:43
6. My battery died 04:46
7. Tar 04:27
8. Nuance unseen 03:47

Label: Subtext / SUB042
Artist: Mixomy
Medium: LP
Category: .


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