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Milk & Beef - Do or Die

Originally conceived as a hip-hop scratch/battle record for turntablists, Do or Die is made up of short instrumental beats interlaced with sound effects and vocal snippets. Predominantly constructed from obscure vinyl samples, the record also features an Emu Drumulator, and live performance samples of cello, organ and percussion. Re-contextualized as home listening experience, the album sounds timeless and fresh, and has a bit of that old Stock, Hausen & Walkman vibe if you catch my drift…

Do or Die was originally released in 2005 on the Thin Man label, this is indeed a resurrection under the wings of Bladud Flies! Included is a free download of a digital version re-mastered by The Bricoleur and featuring 2 bonus tracks.


  1. Turkish Harlem
  2. Badguytactics
  3. Output​-​Sicks
  4. Girl Tuesday
  5. Village Of Cream Puffs
  6. Cuts
  7. Closure
  8. Dalston Pills
  9. Arial
  10. The New Ford Mondeo
  11. KC Project
  12. Return To New Cross
  13. Ciao Vegas
  14. Unclaimed Melody

extra tracks in the download album:

15. Louise

14. VW

Label: Bladud Flies! / MB001LP
Artist: Milk & Beef
Medium: LP
Category: .


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