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Various Authors - Listening: A Research Method in Art and Design

Result of a research project initiated by the Lectorate Design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, led by Alice Twemlow. It touches on topics such as different ways of listening, embodiment of sound, how to teach listening and the appreciation of the sonic as a discipline in art education.

The 240-page publication contains a rich array of essays, Q&As, and project reflections contributed by members of the extended KABK research community. Contributers were:

Jack Bardwell, spatial artist, designer, radiomaker, KABK alum
Justin Bennett, audiovisual artist, KC Institute of Sonology tutor
Elena Biserna, curator, researcher, KABK Research Club guest speaker
Channa Boon, artist, KABK tutor
Louis Braddock Clarke, artist, researcher, KABK alum and tutor
Pam Breedveld, interactive media artist, KABK alum
Femke Dekker (Loma Doom), sound practitioner, KABK tutor
Benjamin Earl, designer, media artist, KABK alum and tutor
Cocky Eek, spatial artist, designer, KABK tutor
Cecilie Fang, artist, writer, KABK alum
Martin Hurych, artist, curator, KC research associate
Christine Hvidt, artist, KABK-KC alum
Carl Johan Högberg, artist KABK department co-head
Lance Laoyan, sound artist, designer, KABK alum
Guy Livingston, pianist, radiomaker, KC alum and PhD candidate
Myles Merckel, art-science practitioner, KABK-KC alum
Sandipan Nath, industrial designer, KABK alum
Angelina Nonaj, artist, KABK alum
Gabriel Paiuk, composer, sound artist, DocArtes alum and KC tutor
Dora Ramljak, photographer, KABK alum
Ege Şahin, composer, sound artist, KC student
Mo’min Swaitat, actor, music producer, KABK Research Club guest speaker
Christian Schwarz, data sonifier, composer, critical engineer, KABK-KC alum
Salomé Voegelin, sound theorist, professor, KABK Research Club guest speaker

Publisher: KABK / kabk2024
Medium: Book


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