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John Cage / Christian Wolff - Untitled

Originally released in 1963 by Time Records in the US, this LP is perhaps best known to avant-garde and noise fiends for inclusion of Cage’s Cartridge Music [1960], which was the venerable composer’s attempt at presenting a live performance of electronic music. This is a reissue from 2016.

Cartridge Music yields an unstable tract of fractious small sounds gathered from recordings of various objects pushed, scraped and jabbed on a turntable’s cartridge. The results on record are a superimposition of four performances by Cage and his regular collaborator David Tudor, each working within the chronologic parameters of Cage’s composition, but each slightly different and resulting an unpredictable series of events in time.

1. John Cage: Cartridge Music
2. Christian Wolff: Duo For Violinist And Pianist
3. Christian Wolff: Summer
4. Christian Wolff: Duet II

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