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Janneke van der Putten - JNNK

Visual artist and vocalist based in Rotterdam, known for her site-specific performances and her extreme vocal techniques. Though autodidact in various extended vocal techniques, she studied North-Indian Dhrupad singing with Amelia Cuni and Marianne Svašek for about 5 years.
On this good-looking record (artwork designed by Margarita Milova), all tracks are one-take recordings without electronic effects or overdubs.
A1: Attacked and over-tuned
Recorded live (ambisonic) and mixed (binaural) by Tom Mays in the electroacoustic studios of the Haute
École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR), Strasbourg, 27.01.2020
A2: In cycles
Recorded live by Armand Lesecq at Le Cube / HEAR, Strasbourg, 20.01.2020
B1: Voice and Space I
(ft. backing vocals by Anaïs Barbier)
Recorded live by Mehdi Hivert at Château d’Eau de Wesserling, Husseren-Wesserling, 9.11.2019
B2: Acoustic reflections of one voice in a church
(ft. music composition by Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta)
Recorded and composed live by Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta at Sankt Gertrud church / Raumklänge –
Ortsbezogene Musik, Cologne, 7.08.2015

Label: Idraola / Aloardi / ALO69
Medium: LP
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