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Perfect Vacuum - I Must Not Think Bleak Thoughts

Finally another release by the golden duo of Lukas Simonis and Dave Marsh – or was it Titi Tabarnac and Xentos “Fray” Bentos, who as a duo seem to have this wonderful chemistry. The ingredients: absurdism, cynicism, playfulness, poetry and rock&roll. The instruments: too many to name, but how about Lukas’ Optigan, Rob Hordijk’s Blippo box, WORM’s ARP 2600 and Arp Odyssey, and much more exotic vintagery.

You can listen to a few tracks here.

‘The seaming of the different parts – because a single three-minute piece can contain up to a boxes of them – is so well executed that one would be almost justified in thinking “Zappa” during the quirky itineraries of selected fragments. A series of infringements or compositional rules that, absurdly, generate a music obeying to other imperatives: those of quick-minded entertainment informed by unadulterated musicianship. Weird commodities in today’s stereotyped “art”. ‘ (Massimo Ricci)


  1. Maybe Some Bach
  2. Apres la Deluge
  3. Ratopolis
  4. The Arp Lovers
  5. Asphalt Yeah
  6. 55 Years Ago
  7. She’s So Angry
  8. Bolidoli
  9. No Callers
  10. Strange Pomtato
  11. Gold Features

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