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Irma van Veen / Guus Van Vugt - Laatbloeier En Het Succes

“Laatbloeier En Het Succes” is the first publication, in Dutch language, to introduce you to the universe of Guus Van Vugt, life-long Rotterdam resident. WORM in Rotterdam, the organization that hosted and supported his first ventures into public space, now has the honour to bring this nice little zine into the world, as part of The WORM Pirate Bay Archive. Guus, after a working life in the Rotterdam harbour (where no doubt he already collected scrap materials for his sculptures) can now dedicate all his time to his amazing “trash collages”, triggering associations with Surrealist art (like The Exquisite Corpse) and Steampunk.

mrow : )

Publisher: WORM
Medium: Book


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