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Ut - Griller

For this record from Ut, Steve Albini was a smart choice for engineer, both being an Ut fan and having a way with dissonant, anti-rock kinds of groups. The guitars are beefier on Griller, and again, the songs sound more polished and rehearsed, but none of this detracts from the gleeful mania contained within these grooves. Not the first Ut purchase you should make but if you’re already humming along to these skewed tunes, you owe it to yourself to seek this long-lost record out. Ut’s music served as an American analogue to the intoxicatingly discordant clamor that European icons like the Slits, the Au Pairs, and Kleenex/Liliput concocted on the other side of the Atlantic. Faced with indifference at home in Gotham City, Nina Canal and her bandmates Jacqui Ham and Sally Young ditched the states for England, subsequently releasing a couple of great but generally ignored records on the mighty Blast First imprint before calling it a day in the late 1980s.

Label: Blast First / 9333-2
Artist: Ut
Medium: CD
Category: .


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