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Peter Tscherkassky - Films from a Dark Room

A confrontation with the codes of narrative-representational cinema is one of Peter Tscherkassky’s constant concerns. If one attempts to distill a constant from his films, then this must surely be the oscillation between the abstract and the concrete, between the dry and the sensual, which is the source of energy of his work. The question of belly or brain is one which Tscherkassky stopped asking long ago – for ultimately sobriety is the route to ecstasy.With an almost musical montage stye, Tscherkassky superimposes & juxtaposes black&white images, plays with illusions of peace & ecstatic release. He constructs motive repetition & variation, utilizing literally the outmost fringes of the material. Some great Abstract Cinema from Austria.

Label: Index / 8
Medium: DVD
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