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Lee Grieveson & Colin MacCabe (Ed.) - Empire and Film

One of two volumes about the history of British colonial cinema stretching from the emergence of cinema at the height of imperialism around the turn of the century to the separate moments of decolonization, the ending of formal imperialism, in the post-Second World War period. This scholarly work and project researching the archive of British imperial film explores the interplay of political control and cultural representation in the late colonial period. Film and Empire, concentrates on the years 1895-1939 that encompass, broadly speaking, the enmeshing of cinema and the expansion and consolidation of empire. It begins with two essays that offer new perspectives on the conceptual and historical terrain of colonial cinema. Authors then address the emergence of cinema in the context of an imperial world system; the establishment and consolidation of State financed documentary cinema; philanthropic and educational formations of colonial cinema; industrial sponsored film; amateur and missionary production; and aspects of fictional cinema’s engagement with empire.


Publisher: British Film Institute / ISBN: 978-1-84457-421-6
Medium: Book


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