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Various Artists - E 3

Not really my favourite cover art, but this material is amazing, and great to be available again. E was a magazine of experimental and performance writing with a particular interest in visual, concrete, and sound poetry, edited by poet/performer Marshall Reese and composer Eugene Carl. There were two issues published in 1976. A note on the back cover of no. 2 states “next issue will be cassette or lp Bu the material for no. 3 was gathered but never published until now! In his liner notes Reese describes the range of influences leading to the decision to pubish E, no. 3 as a sound recording, in particular, the Toronto Sound Poetry Festival of 1978. He writes, “this record documents those forces and influences affecting me in the 70’s, early 80’s. My generation was the the forefront of an expansion of literacy combining indigenous poetries, graphics, still and moving images, recorded words, music and sound, an oral/aural culture experiencing poetry and music as synesthesia.”

On the record are performances by Steve McCaffery, Coaccident, Gerta Monach, Jackson Mac Low, Vladan Radovanović, Irrepressible Bastards, Hannah Weiner, and Gene Carl.

Red vinyl LP with a sheet containing liner notes. Issued as Slowscan vol. 48 in an edition of 250. Design by Johnny van de Koolwijk.

Label: Slowscan / Slowscan Vol. 48
Medium: LP
Category: .


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