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Den Osynliga Manteln - Under Grön Himmel

Den Osynliga Manteln (The Invisible Cloak) are producer duo Ola Sandberg and Fredrik Grönvall, based in Malmö, Sweden. This album, their second, released in 2023, has a mildly psychedelic, post-rock feel to it. No vocals – or hardly any, as far as I can detect. Music to play on a long road trip.

“The title translates to “Under Green Skies” which points to the melancholy but also, the potential beauty of our doomsday. The fever dream depicts an alternate reality, a different planet, some kind of shift. A turbulent place, a fugue state, a death of sorts.

An array of analog synthesizers and electrical organs rescued from flea markets meets tape hiss, saxophones and a hidden vibraphone. Drum kits, electric bass and guitars, the occasional vocals dubbed with an eighty year old piano and glittering bells. Under Grön Himmel has layers of dust from the distant past yet it arrives here in a polished chrome vessel from the future.” (label text)


1. Glitterbergen 02:51
2. Lila Skog 05:39
3. Kullarnas Flytt 03:29
4. Trippelmåne 07:15
5. Planetviskaren 09:51
6. Tripplesol 09:43

Label: Castles in Space / CiS143
Medium: LP
Category: .


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