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David Helbich - Maastricht Tracks

Takes you to some special places in the beautiful city in the South of The Netherlands. Artist David Helbich developed the audio-tour where both the walker and the city perform. Inside the book you will find eleven audio files that guide you all the way.

“Each of the pieces focuses on a different relationship between you, me, and the city: you — the performer and audience; me — the artist; and the city — our environment. In a mix of actions and contemplation, the potential of headphones — both their technology and their social connotations — is channeled into various setups, some of which are fully-fledged listening pieces, others not at all.”

As well as this book you will need headphones and an audio player. The headphones should still let environmental sounds in, as the sounds of your surroundings and the audio files are meant to blend.

This project was commissioned by Maatricht-based cultural center Marres.

Softcover, published in 2021, 52 pages.

Publisher: Marres / ISBN: 9789082813449
Medium: Book


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