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McSweeneys - #44

September 2013, McSweeney’s 44 appears in a hardback cover, with the feel of a deluxe edition. “You have to see this” – Rachel Cohen edited a symposium in tribute to the wonderful work of Lawrence Weschler, author of Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder, and Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing That One Sees, and Everything That Rises. William Finnegan, Lauren Redniss, Wendy Lesser, Geoff Dyer (a.o.) share some fond memories of Ren Weschler. Included are portraits by David Hockney, Bill Morrison and Riva Lehrer (entitled “Totems and familiars: Lawrence Weschler, P.T. Barnum of the mind”). Andrei Codrescu comes up with Midrashim on some of Reb Ren’s writings. And Ricky Jay presents a fold-out broadside for Ren. But ! To start out, the well-crafted stories by Joe Meno, Rebecca Curtis, Tom Barbash, Jim Shepard, Stuart Dybek and Wells Tower bring about the right mood to slip into the greater narrative.

Publisher: McSweeney's Publishing / 44
Author: McSweeneys
Medium: Book


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