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McSweeneys - #38

McSweeney’s, started out in 1998 as a literary journal for work rejected by other magazines. The idea, however charming, had to be abandoned to accomodate change and diversity. And so each issue of this quarterly is completely redesigned. McSweeneys has appeared in different guises: hardcover editions and paperbacks, with two spines, with a magnetic binding. There was an issue looking like a bundle of junk mail, and another like a sweaty human head. In this issue you can read:
Where He Fell by Ariel Dorfman;  The Special Populations Unit by Chanan Tigay; The Northeast Kingdom by Nathaniel Rich; The Hens by Roddy Doyle; The Jungle by Jack Teagle. To name but a few.

Publisher: McSweeney's Publishing / 38
Author: McSweeneys
Medium: Book


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