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Volume - # 28

Independant quarterly for architecture to go beyond itself. July 2011. This issue: The Internet of Things. When objects can sense the environment and communicate, they become powerful tools for understanding complexity and responding to it effectively. Though such smart objects can interact with humans , they are likely to be interacting even more with each other automatically, without human intervention updating themselves their daily schedules. The purpose of IoT is to improve life. Volume #28 dives into these new dimensions of reality, into the consequences for design and for our understanding of our own position in the world. Coders and architects are different beings and speak different languages, this issue seems to conclude. Since merging virtual and physical requires knowledge about both worlds, this reality should be overcome. So this Volume is not just about framing the issue, but also about indicating a practice in the making: we call it correlation designing. For a better understanding a comic book (putting it in drawing)  is included !

Publisher: Archis / 28
Author: Volume
Medium: Magazine


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