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Schokkend Nieuws - # 110 (October/November 2014)

A bimonthly (Dutch only) with interviews, articles, reviews & news for lovers of horror-, science-fiction-, fantasy & cult films. Under the Skin, the much hailed movie by Jonathan Glazer gets a warm reception in Schokkend Nieuws. In fact, the recommendation is to see it twice ! Straight from the cinema: the newest by director Christopher Nolan, Interstellar (VS/GB) and the Flemish slasher movie Cub (Welp). The special feature article is devoted to the Horror Master John Carpenter. In the article “Micky turns Macho”, the British actor Noel Clarke (of Dr. Who fame) is questioned on the topic of his new enterprises. The DVD reviews include: Twin Peaks (The Entire Mystery, i.e. the 2 series and prequel movie) and Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975). Kino Cadavre features a golden oldie from 1911: L’Inferno (Bertolini / Padovan / De Liguoro). 

Publisher: Schokkend Nieuws / 110
Medium: Magazine


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