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BMN Trio: Thomas Borgmann, Wilber Morris and Reggie Nicholson - …You See What We’re Sayin’?

The BMN Trio is Thomas Borgmann on saxophones, Wilbur Morris on bass, and Reggie Nicholson on drums. The Trio is the successor to an earlier group with Denis Charles, whose death led to the substitution of Nicholson. Evidently, the trio made this recording in conjunction with a national tour, and the session has the feel of a concert performance, with the four tunes averaging more than fifteen minutes apiece. The “you were there” production technique (a characteristic of all CIMP releases) of engineer Marc Rusch adds to that feeling, as the dynamics and sound vary dramatically without any artificial recording cushion. Borgmann is a powerful performer, who when given time to stretch, displays a remarkable diversity of style; and Morris and Nicholson provide strong support. More than many CDs, this one requires close listening due to the sometimes-slow buildup (particularly on the lengthy “Goodbye Mr. Charles) and organic development.

Label: CIMP / CIMP 188
Medium: CD
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