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MUTA - Yesterday Night You Were Sleeping At My Place

MUTA, comprising Rhodri Davies (amplified harp and electronics), Ingar Zach (percussion and sound machines) and Alessandra Rombolá (flutes and tiles installation), began life with two concerts in Norway in September 2003, though previously the musicians have played together in various combinations since 2000.
The three piece group works with specific aspects of sound and dynamics – pitch, silence, noise and drones – all mixed in an improvising environment. Each member works with extended techniques on their instruments with the aim of producing a group sound. The word ”muta” has different meanings; moult, change, development, change of skin, change of hair. The group MUTA searches for changes and variation in musical structures and slow/minimal developments of specific sounds and/or pitches. In the last three years, the trio has been working upon new ways of creating music. The pieces on the debut CD are all based on pre-conceived ideas and structures which serve as a platform for the interplay between the three musicians.

Label: SOFA / SOFA 522
Artist: MUTA
Medium: CD
Category: .


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