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The Wire - # 470

With the lovely Tapper on top.

  • Turntablists: Vinyl manipulators Maria Chávez, Mariam Rezaei and Victoria Shen prepare to hit the road (and the decks). By Emily Pothast
  • patten: Artist and musician Damien Roach confronts the future via AI generated samples. By Emily Bick
  • Dorothy Moskowitz: The former United States Of America vocalist returns with a bold new collaborative work. By Edwin Pouncey
  • Mihály Víg: The Hungarian composer, actor and musician recalls his 40 year relationship with director Béla Tarr. By Ilia Rogatchevski
  • Invisible Jukebox: Tatsuya Yoshida: Will the drummer/vocalist be left in Ruins by The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by James Hadfield
  • Unlimited Editions: Outlines
  • Unofficial Channels: Polar Sounds
  • Zoë Mc Pherson: Jungle beats and speculative futures. By Oli Warwick
  • Francisco Mela: 55 and free. By Daniel Spicer
  • Brìghde Chaimbeul: Piping up. By Stewart Smith
  • Global Ear: Belfast. The underground thrives in Northern Ireland. By Brian Coney
  • The Inner Sleeve: :zoviet*france:’s Ben Ponton on The Damned’s Damned Damned Damned
  • Epiphanies: Francisco López heeds the call of the rainforest
Publisher: The Wire / 470 - april 2023
Author: The Wire
Medium: Magazine


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