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The Wire - # 451

Grouper: As she prepares to release a new album rooted in the ambience and climate of her home in the Pacific North West, Liz Harris discusses chaos, therapy and the spectre of fascism. By Dave Segal.

Pat Thomas: The diverse sprawl of the UK keyboardist’s career runs from jazz and improv to funk and drum ’n’ bass, informed by a scholarly interest in Islam. By Clive Bell.

Once Upon A Time In Prague: Dancing along the thin lines separating the Czech underground, the alternativa scene and the secret police, Extempore/MCH Band leader Mikoláš Chadima’s expressions of freedom have survived communism and the capitalist takeover. By Miloš Hroch.

Machine learning: Machine learning and AI have opened up new creative possibilities for artists such as Jennifer Walshe, Distractfold and Dadabots. By Abi Bliss.

Invisible Jukebox: DJ Bus Replacement Service × Surgeon: Anthony Child and Doris Woo run the gauntlet of a mystery record selection. Tested by each other.

Hiro Kone: The electronic artist foregrounds artistic partnership on her new album. By Chloe Lula

René Lussier: Clowning around with the Québécois guitarist and composer. By Julian Cowley

Wayne Adams: The punkish adventures of a Big Lad. By Holly Dicker

Nicolas Collins: The author and performer takes a Lucky Dip with his homemade !trumpet. By Clive Bell

Global Ear: Alan Courtis untaps creative potential in workshops in Buenos Aires

Unlimited Editions: Cruel Nature

Unofficial Channels: Riversssounds

The Inner Sleeve: Gerald V Casale on Winny Puhh

Epiphanies: Moritz von Oswald admires Carl Craig’s sweet spot

Print Run: New music books: drill, trap and bashment, Mark E Smith comes alive, rap futurism, and more



Moritz von Oswald
Gerald V Casale
Mikoláš Chadima
DJ Bus Replacement Service
Nicolas Collins
René Lussier
Wayne Adams
Hiro Kone
Pat Thomas


Stewart Smith
Sean O’Hagan
Holly Dicker
Julian Cowley
Miloš Hroch
Clive Bell
Chloé Lula
Abi Bliss
Dave Segal

Publisher: The Wire / 451 - Grouper
Author: The Wire
Medium: Magazine


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