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The Wire - # 435


Diamanda Galás: The vocalist, composer and interpreter returns to the subjects of disease and diaspora via new work De:formation and her reissued debut album. By Louise Gray

David Behrman: The career of the composer, performer, producer, artist and instrument builder has taken in some of the most significant advances in contemporary culture. By Julian Cowley

Dale Cornish: Retaining the mordant wit and performative verve of his electroclash days, the Croydon based producer and performer bristles at the cutting edge of UK electronics. By Chal Ravens

Global Ear: Artists, writers and organisers from around the world including Mariam Rezaei, Yan Jun, Mai Mai Mai, Cafe Oto and Bruce Russell respond to the new realities ushered in by Covid-19

Invisible Jukebox: Amon Tobin: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection show the Brazilian electronicist fear in a handful of tracks? Tested by Steph Kretowicz

Unlimited Editions: Old Heaven Books

Unofficial Channels: Dubplates

Sheng Jie: The Beijing cellist and composer seeks unseen worlds. By Josh Feola

JC Leisure: Liverpool tape addict puts rave through the wringer. By Antonio Poscic

ONO: Chicago’s post-industrial griots say sodom if they can’t take the funk. By Dave Segal

Gavilán Rayna Russom: Decay and deep currents inform the work of the New York synth savant. By Steph Kretowicz

The Inner Sleeve: Octo Octa on Boards Of Canada’s A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Epiphanies: Shrimper Records boss Dennis Callaci on his portable cassette player pal

plus of course loads of reviews of new books and records, events etc.




Publisher: The Wire / 435
Author: The Wire
Medium: Magazine
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