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Paul Devens - Waving Platforms

This is the first in-depth publication with an overview of the work of the internationally recognized Dutch sound-artist/architect/designer Paul Devens. It’s loosely based on the eponymous exhibition (winter 2013/2014) in which he conceived of an environment for articulating sound, employing the spatial arrangements as an amplifying as well as a resonating mechanism. Paul Devens’ aural event “Waving Platforms” establishes opportunities for the unheard. Our perceived reality of the audible exposes the spatial surroundings and our notion of the underlying social grid. The resultant poetics from this interplay of the spatial, the sonic and the public is the true work of Paul Devens.
This is not a mere publication on the subject of sound(architecture), the book is an experience in itself. First of all for the colour tones, which are limited to silver and black, capturing the poetic, techy vibrancy of the work. Second and most prominent is the integration of two separately, horizontally placed booklets within the binding. The top half is devoted to the works while the one below covers the theory, allowing for simultaneous reading and browsing.

Publisher: Onomatopee / ISBN: 978-94-91677-13-7
Author: Paul Devens
Medium: Book


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