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Mute - Vol. 2 #9

Vol2 #9 takes on the UK’s services-for-surveillance State, technological utopias, green capitalism and much more!
Borders 2.0: Future, Tense – Bryan Finoki and Angela Mitropoulos explore contemporary borderlands though text and image
The Battle of All Mothers – Madame Tlank on welfare, surveillance and working class women
Falling for the Future – Iain Boal brings modernity’s futuramas back down to earth
Citizens Banned? – Josephine Berry Slater and Anthony Iles review the AV Media Arts festival
Crisis in the Visual System – Paul Helliwell argues the art world’s favourite philosopher, Jacques Rancière, does have something to hide
Manufactured Scarcity – James Heartfield on how Enron pioneered ecologicaly correct regressive capitalism
When Travesty Becomes Form – Alberto Duman contemplates the self-flagellating self-affirmation of the curator

Publisher: Metamute / 2.9
Author: Mute
Medium: Magazine


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