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Veryan Weston - Different Tessellations

Two very different versions of a compositional framework based on a cycle of pentatonic scales. Weston’s personal research into pentatonic scales was presented first on EMANEM 4095, performed in 2003 on a Luthéal piano in Brussels.
Tessellations I (Scales 1-26, 39:52 minutes) is played by experimental pianist/composer Leo Svirsky in his own unique way. It explores the possibilities of improvising with a pre-established form as a soloist.
Tessellations II (36:03 minutes) explores the possibilities of improvising with the same pre-established form in a group situation. The organisation of the piece, with its use of cycles and loops, was inspired by working with Trevor Watts’ Moiré Music in the 1980s. It was composed for The Vociferous Choir, nine a cappella singers mostly based around Graz in Austria – Anush Apoyan, Iris Ederer, Annette Giesriegl, Dorothea Jaburek, Sofija Knezevic, Siruan Küng, Franz Schmuck, Patrik Thurner & Veryan Weston. It is a mix of lines and layers that can be found in the polyphony of Renaissance contrapuntalists and the Pygmies of Central West Africa. There is no text or narrative, so the piece transcends any national border or literal meaning, resulting in a rhythmic tribute to the human voice. (pictures below: 1. Leo Svirsky, 2. The Vociferous Choir)

Label: Emanem / 5015
Medium: CD
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