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Marit Shalem - The Everlasting Option

De Eeuwige Optie (The Everlasting Option) is a modern fable by  Dutch film director Marit Shalem.

The word Option is taken of the jargon the economy. The original meaning of ‘an agreed-upon date’is being transmitted to suggest an ever-returning gulf of possibilities.
The Everlasting Option refers to how capable is the group in standing tolerant towards alien voices. Finding balance between self fulfilment and receptiveness. Further also between a practical, efficient attitude and a feel for poetry and empathy. The motto of of the film is stated by the character of Taylor: “Every construction is a re-construction of the kernel idea”.
The collaged visualisation of The Evelasting Option triggers the viewer to look beyond the story into possible interpretations.

With a musical performance of ZOIKLE: Lukas Simonis , Nina Hitz , G. W. Sok and Cor Hoogerdijk.

Label: SpOp
Artist: Marit Shalem
Medium: DVD
Category: .


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