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Various Artists - Selected Shorts # 8: The Best Flemish Shorts

This compilation contains 11 short films by the new generation of Flemish filmmakers. Tanghi Argentini/ Guido Thys; Moment de gloire/ Hendrik Moonen; Juliette/ Nathalie Teirlinck; Pony Express/ Lieven Van Droogenbroeck; Fal/ Hans Van Nuffel; Tanguy’s unifying theory of life/ Pim Algoed; Duffel/
Tim Mielants; Ou quoi/ Cecilia Verheyden; Mompelaar/ Wim Reygaert & Marc Roels; Pere total/ Raf Roosens; A day in a life/ Nicolas Daenens. Dialogues in Dutch & French. Subtitles in English & Dutch.

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