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Herco Kruik & Jack Kerklaan - Rotterdamse Bijnamen

Who is not familiar with the practice of inventing pet names, or nicknames, for people and objects close to us ? This little book lists a number of epithets used in the “Maasstad”. Famous citizens, living and deceased, important and not-so important (Rue Pantalon) thoroughfares, strange wastelands, infamous places (Perron Nul), prominent works of art (Kabouter Buttplug) and the various barrios in Rotjeknor are lovingly described (in Dutch) by Herco Kruik and Jack Kerklaan. 63 Pages filled with heartwarming trivia highlighting a city without equal.

Publisher: Wist U dat... Uitgeverij / ISBN: 978-90-816816-0-5
Medium: Book
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