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WORM Pirate Bay - Roots Change

This wonderful edition is the result of a 3 day showcase of WORM in Hull, UK, in June 2017. That is to say, it’s a sound collage of no less than 3 hours spread over 3 tapes, made by WORM’s illustrious avantgardistic archive, the WORM Pirate Bay. What they did during those 3 wild days (in the Humber Street Gallery down on Hull’s waterfront) was putting material from Hull’s Ground Collective, The Hull Music Archive and the Pirate Bay’s own favourites in a BIG blender, adding live recordings of talks, readings from local zines, poetry and madness to the mix.

Here’s an impression of the whole extravaganza  by one of the locals, eg a hacker artist with Danish roots…

“Within the snazzy Humberstree gallery in the newly renovated marina in Hull somehow a Wormhole opened to Rotterdam, and out came pink haystack aliens and whatnot. There were clearly some displacements in space: downstairs was security guards and £3 for a piece of cake; upstairs a gratis bring-and-share and a mess of zines and activist literature, from Lawrence Lessig about Creative Commons, and about antisocial architecture, that the guests were invited to copy in the photocopier (but “Please don’t cut up the originals” as a big sign said), cut and paste into something new. Meanwhile cassette tapes of avant-garde music (e.g. Gjewdieparl’s “100% socialist techno”) was being played and swapped, and filtered through free software tracker software, while the Wormists were sitting under the table, taping our feet together, reading aloud passages of this literature porridge onto a microphone (I recognized a part about Newcastle Uni art degree show being read at one point). Then, in a giant boxing ring, people were sharing poems, and next to it some fact about how many boxing clubs there are in Hull (many!). I think I recall someone nailing a loaf of bread to the wall..? Why not.”

if you’d like to hear this first before spending 15 euro, listen here.

Mixed and narrated by: Mariette Groot, Jos Gerrit van Beek, Piupiu-Maya Turei, Richard Foster, Florian Borstlap, Jacco Weener and Frederic Van de Velde

3 x 60’ (30’ each side) – 3 hours in total.
Coloured tapes (Yellow, Azure Blue & Pink)
Hand stamped labels and 10 different transparent cover prints.
Deluxe hard plastic case to hold 3 audio cassettes – some with glitters! Only 30 copies were made!

mrow : )

Medium: 3x Music Cassette
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