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Center No Distractor - Nothing Aiming Is A Splinter

Duo of Stephanie Pan and Stelios Manousakis, with an immersive and intense performance full of evolving soundscapes and fine detail, throbbing percussion, gut-moving bass, and turbulent oceans of sound.

Stephanie plays a self-constructed nagado taiko, made from an oak wine barrel which she built over a period of 1.5 years. Stelios has created a modular instrument using SuperCollider, with custom-made processes and generators tuned for responsive, hands-on playing. Their first EP, in handmade sleeves made from electronic waste (the printed foil normally under your computer keyboard – every sleeve is unique!) was recorded live in December 2012.

01 That which is bent wood
02 That which is swan and ivy
03 Single fish single fish single fish egg-plant single fish sight
04 That which melts is exaggerating

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