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Goodiepal - Mort aux Vaches Ekstra Extra

Schoolbook. 2008. Another spin-off from the ongoing project Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra – the brainchild of uber eccentric and prodigious Danish/Faroese artist Goodiepal, or Gæoudjiparl Van Den Dobbelsteen, acclaimed for his concept of Radical Computer Music. This project is based on a compositional game scenario conceived by Goodiepal in 2004 questioning the role of the composer, time, notation and media. Radical Computer Music has been presented frequently by Goodiepal at numerous lectures, performances and exhibitions throughout the western world since 2007. It is fundamentally music notated, not by computer networks but for computer networks, as a gesture towards the machine and the artificial intelligence expected to develop from it. This school book, part of an educational program, promotes an expanded dialogue between human beings and artificial and alternative intelligences as a way to transgress a condition of stagnation prevailing in contemporary computer music and media art. Hardcover book and envelope with secret content.

Publisher: Pork Salad Press
Author: Goodiepal
Medium: Book


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