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Various Artists - Modern Mayan – The Indian Music Of Chiapas, Mexico

Reissue of 1975 album originally on Folkways, recordings by Richard Alderson. He wrote: “The music of the indigenous people of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas reflects many varied influences, past and present. These people are subsistence farmers, with shepherding, cattle raising, hunting and handicrafts as secondary occupations. The four languages spoken here—Tzoztil, Tzeltal, Chol, and Tojolabal—all share their basic Mayan roots with both Aztec and Spanish borrowings. Ritual, social, and religious expression are viewed as one concept by these people…”

Nice cardboard sleeve with paste-on cover.


1.  Todos Santos, Chamula     Chamula guitarists, young Chamula woman     1:46
2.  Trumpet Choir, Carranza     Carranza trumpet choir with three trumpets, large and small drum     2:46
3.  String Quartet, Carranza     Carranza string quartet with two guitars, violin, and harp     3:56
4.  String Trio and Vocal, Zinnacantan     Zinnacantan string trio, three singers     8:28
5.  Tiger Stone Song, Zinnacantan     Zinnacantan guitarist, violinist, drummers     0:43
6.  Song of Peace, Chalchiuitan     Chalchiuitan violinist, guitarist, singers     1:54
7.  New Years Prayer, Chalchiuitan     Two Chalchiuitan men praying     1:44
8.  Drums and Flute, Huistan     Three Huistan drummers, flutist     3:06
9.  Ladies Dance, Tenejapa     Tenejapa violinist, bass guitarist     4:08
10.  Catarina Sone, Majosic / Bull Dance, Majosic     Majosic musicians, drummers, singers Kosh, Kosh Avakan Kanan Chi, Tenango     Tenango guitarist, violinist, singers     3:56
11.  Flute and Drum, Tenango     Guacitepec flutist, drummer, mandolin player, guitarist     2:53
12.  Majestic, Petalcingo     Two Petalcingo guitarists, violinist     3:24
13.  Good Friday Service, Tila / Carneval, Tila     Two Chol drummers, flutist     3:30 Señor de Tila, Tila     Two Chol guitarists, violinist     2:22


Label: Moi Je Connais / Mississippi / MJCR024 / MRP-068
Medium: LP
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